Project Team Articles

Colin Harvey, Professor in Human Rights Law, QUB

Journal Publications

Contextualised Equality and the Politics of Legal Mobilisation: Affirmative Action in NI

Context, institution or accountability

Taking the next step? Achieving another bill of rights

Advancing Human Rights and Equality: Assessing the role of Commissions in UK and NI

A conversation without end: Human Rights law in perspective?


Rights in Divided Societies (edited by Colin Harvey and Alex Schwartz)

Newspaper articles

A New Beginning for Protecting Human Rights

Do the Rights Thing?

Time is Right for a New Constitutional Beginning

Dos and Don’ts for the bill of rights commission

Listen to NI’s advice for a UK Bill of Rights

Let’s Not Forget the Other Man from Derry


Universities in Times of Crisis and Renewal

The Case for a Bill of Rights

Reconstructing the Political Constitution of NI

Engaging with Human Rights in a disunited kingdom

The Future of Human Rights on these Islands

Where now for the NI Bill of Rights process?

Options for the way forward for human rights in NI

Laura McAtackney, IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Social Justice, University College Dublin

Forthcoming volume

An Archaeology of the Troubles: the dark heritage of Long Kesh/Maze


Peace maintenance and political messages: the significance of walls during and after the Northern Irish Troubles

Book chapters

The Contemporary politics of Landscape at Long Kesh/Maze prison, NI

Cillian McGrattan, Lecturer in Politics, Swansea University


Everyday Life After the Irish Conflict: The Impact of Devolution and Cross-Border Cooperation (edited with Elizabeth Meehan)

Memory, Politics and Identity: Haunted by History

The Northern Ireland Conflict: A Beginner’s Guide  (with Aaron Edwards)


Policing politics: framing the past in post-conflict divided societies

Community-Based Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland: A Neo-Traditionalist Paradigm?

Open Access

Reconciliation and the destruction of the past in divided societies

Stefanie Lehner, Lecturer in Irish Studies, Queen’s University Belfast


Subaltern Ethics in Contemporary Scottish and Irish Literature: Tracing Counter-Histories


The Peace Process As Arkhe-Taintment? Glenn Patterson’s That Which Was and Eoin McNamee’s The Ultras

Book chapters

Post-Conflict Masculinities: Filiative Reconciliation in Five Minutes of Heaven and David Park’s The Truth Commissioner


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